FIFA Sponsors Behaviour: Sponsorship Expert Kim Skildum-Reid Shares her Thoughts

FIFA Exit sponsors

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FIFA has been going through a major crisis  for many years, and last month was critical with the arrests of FIFA officials by the FBI in Zurich. To understand FIFA sponsors behaviour is such a turmoil, I asked Kim Skildum-Reid, a corporate sponsorship strategist to share her expertise and thoughts on the matter.

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adidas and Manchester United £750m Deal: A Can of Worms?

Manchester United Old Trafford

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That’s it. Today, adidas announced a record 10 year partnership deal with Manchester United worth £750 million ($1.28bn). It was to be expected after Nike recently ended negotiations with the Red Devils. Let’s have a look at how things rolled out and the outcome.
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Manchester United Sponsors Overview

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Football clubs are brands. Nothing new right? In the football marketing world, it is no wonder to notice that the best clubs are simply the richest…….or may be the richest clubs are the best? Regardless its amount of titles, a football club is also measured by its business appeal. Let me share with you an overview of the 15 sponsors of one of the richest football club: Manchester United.

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Football Clubs most Profitable Shirt Sponsorship Deals

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I am having computer problems these days. The Acer Aspire 7730 I had broke down after 1.5 year. Impressive! I pulled out my 6 year old laptop where I cannot open two browser windows. Happy days! first time I bought an Acer laptop, and it’s going to be the last one. So I decided today to pass on to you a fantastic article from The Telegraph about the best club shirt sponsorship deals.
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