Chantal Jouanno, Tais Toi!!

Hi guys,
Football is the most popular sport, and therefore, everybody has an opinion and can speak his mind about a team’s performance. However, french politicians are going beyond expressing an opinion. Today, the sports minister Chantal Jouanno said: “Patrice Evra and Franck Ribery must never return to play for the french national team. We must not forget what happened in South Africa. These guys disrespected the values sport and of the french republic”. She missed an opportunity to……keep her mouth shut!
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November 17, 2010: The last Game of Les Bleus with 3-stripes

Hi everyone,
Today France will play a friendly game against England in Wembley. “Les bleus” will be wearing an adidas kit for the last time, as Nike will take over from January 2011. Nike agreed a seven-and-a half-season contract, worth €320 million deal to sponsor the French national football team from 2011. A €42.6 million deal per season.

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France Team Still in Post World Cup Turmoil

Hi all,
France left South Africa on June 22nd after hitting the press headlines, not for football performances, but for everything else but football: strike, coaches freaking out, players supposedly fighting etc… We thought the turmoil was over with Laurent Blanc appointing new players, new rules, and with a new President aboard. Unfortunatly a new event hit the news yesterday: The players attending (or witnessing as you want) the 2010 World Cup did not give up on their bonuses.
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Domenech Gambles Back!

Hi all,
For more than 4 years, Raymond Domenech was the most hated person in France. His arrogance towards to the medias, his non-communication, his weird team choices (Chimbonda in 2006, Gomis in 2008 to name a few) gave him the privilege to be despised by almost the whole country. After the game vs South Africa, he left -whitout shaking Parreira’s hand – the spotlights to make yesterday, an unexpected come back.
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French Football sponsors impose their rules

Hi all,
In less than 1 hour, the 27th Football Federation (France) will play the 130th one (Luxemburg),  according to the FIFA Coca-Cola ranking. It’s the worse ranking for Les Bleus, and this is mainly due to the appalling World Cup spectacle they offered the world in South Africa. Back to Paris, the French national team sponsors ran away from a sinking ship. They are back now with a new strategy: Base payouts on results and behaviour.
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