Paris St Germain Launch Indonesian Website and Confirm Friendlies in Asia in 2014

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Paris St Germain launched their new Indonesian website. Following the launch of the Arabic version in October 2012, the club of the french capital expand to its Indonesian fanbase. Paris St Germain also confirmed its 2014 summer tour in Asia.

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1st UEFA Champions League Store Opens in Japan

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The first Champions League store opened in Japan. Located on the ground floor of the Kamo soccer shop, the store offers an immersion into the competition and its history. With AC Milan ambassadors Franco Baresi, Daniele Massaro and Dida, the Champions League store aims at increasing european football presence in Japan.
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2011 Asian World Cup: The Success of Asian Youth Development

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A couple of months ago, I published an article about Tom Byer, a youth coach in Japan. Tom is doing a fantastic job with his coaching clinics, and is actively participating to the growth of football in Asia. Recently, the New York Times praised his work, and the Asian World Cup outlines his performances! Let me share the NYT article with you guys:
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Tom Byer; a benchmark in kids coaching

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Being a former semi-professional football player, I have always had a great respect for coaches, especially those who coach kids. They have tremendous responsibilites as their duty (in my opinion) goes beyond coaching. Sometimes, they endorse the Father’s role or are as influencial as a  big brother. Tom Byer is coaching kids in Japan, and his story is just fantastic. Here is an interview he gave to Football Weekly back in 2009.
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