Kit Kat Uses App Blippar for Promotion: Has Euro 2012 Ambush Marketing Started?

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Nestle has unveiled a new augmented reality (AR) promotion on its Kit Kat wrappers that allows customers to play virtual football using their smartphone. By scanning the packaging with free AR app Blippar users can access the Euro 2012 table football game where they have to build a high score by saving as many shots as possible.
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Real Madrid to Speak on Commercial Challenges at Soccerex

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Soccerex the leading global football forum will be hosting Real Madrid at the Soccerex European Forum on 30-31 March 2011 in Manchester. Both Begoña Sanz, Deputy Sales and Marketing Managing Director, Real Madrid CF and Salvatore Cuccu, Commercial Director, ACF Fiorentina will be speaking on club commercial challenges and strategy.
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Messi més que un genius

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When I launched my blog, I wanted to put on strong emphasis on football marketing, not on football news, match results etc. However, Messi’s performance yesterday “forces” me to write this article. I was reading the online press this morning. French, English, Italian and German websites  are all unanimous: Messi is the best player ever, Messi is playing on another planet, Messi: Seeing is believing (my favourite) etc. Even Wenger  said that

He is a Playstation player”. I am sure Sony will love the comment.

Sipping my coffea, I made some research on how many players scored 4 goals in one Champions League game. I knew Inzaghi, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Van Basten, Sheva were part of the few, but was not sure. Here’s what I found:

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All Nike football kits are green!

On 25 February 2010, Nike launched its new football kits for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Nike put together a brilliant concept: SUSTAINABILITY.

Nike’s national team kits are the most environmentally-friendly and technologically-advanced in football’s history. BOOM there you go. Nike is setting another benchmark in football by emphasisng on sustainability, a word well known worldwide.

But let’s have a look at the kits. The design is clean, simple and obviously, the technological aspect is also a key factor. Moisture management is taken care of to offer players the most comfortable kit to match the weather conditions in South Africa. The jerseys are also 15% lighter to allow Pato and Cristiano Ronaldo to go faster…..Simple, but great looking kits. But the emphasis is  somewhere else. Delivering a powerful message: Environmentally friendly and sustainable football products.

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Interview: adidas South Africa Marketing Director Gavin Cowley on the 2010 FIFA World Cup

Gavin Cowley is the adidas South Africa Marketing Director and Local Head 2010 FIFA World Cup.

I had the pleasure to work with him on several football projects.  Gavin has a true passion for football and genuine dedication to make football a unique social developing and unifying component for South Africa.  He is a key player within the adidas organisation, his knowledge of the country, his integrity make him a respected and trusted character.

I interviewed him to get his view on the first World Cup in South Africa; on the marketing activations, competition, but also on how the World Cup will contribute to the social and economic development of the country.


Karl Lusbec

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