Sony Focuses its Champions League Sponsorship under the Playstation Platform Only.

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UEFA has extended its sponsorship agreement with PlayStation for the 2012-15 Champions League cycle, with the deal set to herald the end of electronics giant Sony’s separate partnership with the tournament.
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The Champions League Final: The Richest Sport Final Ever

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A couple of days ago, I published an article about the money the Champions League winner and runner up will receive. John Smith, one Football Lounge reader asked the following question: Please tell me where this money is coming from, because it is substantially more than the performance related payments UEFA pay; figures you have outlined in your previous article, unless the market pool for the national associations of England and Spain respectively have grown enormously over the past year. John, a complementary article from MasterCard News. Hope this answers your question! Continue reading “The Champions League Final: The Richest Sport Final Ever”

The 20 best known European Football brands

I love sports market studies. Not only do they show a crude reality at a specific moment in time, but they also show a quite accurate evolution throughout the years. On January 21st 2010, Sport+Markt issued an interesting market report: The 20 best-known European football sponsors 2009-2010.

In a nutshell: adidas, Nike and Puma are the best-known football sponsors in the five largest European football markets[1]. This is a result from the SPORT+MARKT Report “European Football Brands Top 20 2009/10″, with the survey of over 3,000 European football fans.

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