EURO 2016 Centralised Marketing: Opportunity or Nightmare for Sponsors?

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Carlsberg has signed-up to UEFA’s new central marketing programme in a move which continues a relationship started in 1998. The deal is significant because it gives the brand rights not only to the finals of the competition but for the qualifying tournament as well. With games across every members territory from 2014 through to the finals in France.
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The UEFA Financial Fair Play; An Inspiration from the French DNCG?

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UEFA is being very vocal about their Financial Fair Play initiative, driven by this willingness to end the financial “madness” happening in modern football. Recently, Michel Platini and his staff released the club licensing report to ensure football’s financial stability. However, the french Ligue 1 has got the DNCG (National Directorate for Control and Management), an organisation which control professional club’s finances. Futebolfinance published a fantastic article about the DNCG I would like to share with you.
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Manchester United Sponsors Overview

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Football clubs are brands. Nothing new right? In the football marketing world, it is no wonder to notice that the best clubs are simply the richest…….or may be the richest clubs are the best? Regardless its amount of titles, a football club is also measured by its business appeal. Let me share with you an overview of the 15 sponsors of one of the richest football club: Manchester United.

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