FC Barcelona the most popular football club

Hello all,
For those familiar with My Football Lounge, you would know by now that I do enjoy very much SPORT+MARKT surveys. They provide an accurate snapshot of the sporting industry (in our case football) and point out new trends and developments. Today, SPORT+MARKT released a new fantastic piece: Europe’s Top 20 – the most popular football clubs*. It is SPORT+MARKT 3rd edition.
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Olympique de Marseille, 17 years later

Howdy everybody,

Today, I am thinking of my friend Romain. He is a big Olympique de Marseille fan, and after this week end results, I am sure (knowing him) that he is working on his jokes and football boasting notes on how OM is the best club in the world.  Yes, people from Marseille have a slight tendency to exagerate things…..I don’t get it,  but that’s not the point.
Indeed, OM is on top the the Ligue 1 table with 5 & 6 points (with 4 games to go) ahead of the 2nd and 3rd, and is on the right track for a new trophy. Olympique de Marseille seem to want to get back under the spotlights this season after 17 years of football drought .

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