FIFA Sponsors Welcome Blatter’s Resignation but Remain Cautious

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FIFA’s biggest sponsors have breathed a sigh of relief after president, Sepp Blatter, announced his resignation in the wake of a corruption investigation that shook the world of sports.
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Blatter on Racism in Football: Worryingly and Scarily Out of Touch

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One of my favourite sports journalist Pedro Pinto interviewed Sepp Blatter. FIFA President said “Racists insults should be forgotten”. Among other things, he encourages the victims of racism to shake hands at the end of the game. Some live in the real world, others do not.

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DISCUSSION: Bin Hammam Challenges Blatter: Thoughts?

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Asian Football Confederation (AFC) President Mohamed Bin Hammam has confirmed that he will contest FIFA chief Sepp Blatter’s campaign for a fourth consecutive term as the president of world soccer’s governing body. Bin Hammam’s challenge will be the first that Blatter has faced for his presidency in nearly a decade after the Qatari confirmed that he would stand against the Swiss incumbent in the June 1 elections.
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At FIFA, We Are Doing Fine Thank You!

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FIFA recently unveiled its turnover, and the key outcome is that the football governing body is doing more than fine! According to Sport Business, FIFA made a profit of US$631 million over the last four years, with world football’s governing body revealing on Thursday that 87% of its $4.19 billion turnover was generated by the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.
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2010 FIFA World Cup Benefits to be Distributed to Clubs

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Barcelona topped a global league table of clubs receiving compensation from FIFA for letting their players go to the 2010 World Cup. Barcelona received $866,000 (£557,000) from a FIFA pool of $40 million (£25.3million) spread among 400 clubs in 55 countries, according to FIFA figures released.
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