The 2010 FIFA World Cup gave a boost to US audience

Hello everyone,
Just noticed I have not posted in 4 days! I was working on some amazing projects and met up with really interesting sports professionals. One of them being Paul Smith, a great guy, and I invite you to visit his website. World Cup is over and I am scanning the web (not easy) to find relevant datas to share with you guys. One of them is (again) a The Nielsen Company survey pointing out that the 2010 World Cup contributed to a 22% increase compared to the previous World Cup for US viewers.

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My World Cup 2010 Marketing wrap-up

Hi everyone,
The first World Cup on the African soil is over. It was a fantastic World Cup, and South Africa can be proud to pull off such a great performance! On a sport point of view, the team that was playing the best football won. It was a pleasure to watch the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, Villa playing together as a team. The Dutch did not play football. De Jong could be featured in the next Karaté kid movie with Jackie Chan, and I wonder how Van Bommel did not have a red card. I said on Twitter that he represents everything I hate in football. I stick to this judgement. Anyways, football marketing-wise, I would like to share with you a wrap-up article of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. Enjoy!

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World Cup Sponsors Get their Appraisal

Hello everyone,
On June 18, I wrote an article on how non World Cup sponsors are linking their brand to the biggest football event. Consumer’s awareness on Nike as a World Cup partner significantly increased. I based my sources on a survey The Nielsen Company carried out from May 7th to June 6th 2010, therefore before World Cup starts.

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USA-Ghana: A new milestone in US football

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Since the mid 90’s football (yes football) in the US is growing. The World Cup held on the North American soil for the first time in 1994, following by the new League business model, world class players performing in the Major League Soccer, and the bidding for the  2018-2022 World Cup organisation are significant elements that The US is positioning itself more and more as a credible football nation.

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Nike wrote its future

Hi everyone,
For those who are familiar with My Football Lounge, I have pointed out the major football brands, and the key players in football marketing. Most of them are either FIFA sponsors or FIFA partners. The FIFA World Cup sponsors benefit from a tremendous marketing platform to showcase their producs, link their brand image to the biggest football event in the world, promote  online and offline activities, engage with consumers,  and ultimately have an exclusive component as an official sponsor.

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