2013 Champions League Final: How could Nike, adidas and Puma Maximise on the Event?

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At the beginning of the 2012-2013 Champions League season, Puma, adidas and Nike had respectively 3, 10 and 14 teams in the race. The final will oppose an adidas and Puma team. What could be Nike, adidas and Puma marketing approach for the final in Wembley?
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adidas, Puma, Nike: a sport legacy

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This sport chronological trilogy has triggered a massive traffic and I thank every single one of you for stopping by. Today, the last chapter is called “adidas, Puma, Nike: a sport legacy”. These brands are fully established sports brands and have inspired other brands to tap into the sport industry. They left a legacy or heritage not only to themselves but to other brands that have now models to get inspiration from. From 1996 until today, adidas, Puma and Nike have grown significantly with fantastic athletes by their sides.
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Bolt, Eto’o, Puma; A lightweight boot combination

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When the fastest man in the world is featuring the lightest boot in the world, is it a good idea? Yes; Puma launched on August 19 the new V1.10 Lightning SL football shoe, claimed to be the lightest football boot in the world.  A very inspirational ad featuring Usain Bolt and Samuel Eto’o where the Jamaican and the Cameroon star are the 2 “men show” on the latest Puma promotional campaign. The fun and cool factors are the key words here. Let’s have a look.

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