A Dassler Feud Movie in the Making

Hi everyone,adidas_puma
A movie about the story of the Dassler brothers is in the making. Those who follow my blog know that I often point out this rivalry. I can’t wait to watch how Fortitude International, who acquired the film rights, showcased the feud between the Dassler brothers that led to the creation of adidas and PUMA.

I don’t know of any story as intricate, as fascinating as passionate that played such a major role in an industry than that of the Dassler brothers. Having worked almost a decade at adidas, you get familiar with this very unique story, and just walking in Herzogenaurach, the village where it all began is unprecedented.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the Untitled adidas/PUMA Project is currently in development and out to directors. Production is scheduled to begin in 2017.

“Lore has it the pair started a small shoemaking business in Bavaria, focusing primarily on hand-sewn athletic footwear,” Deadline Hollywood wrote. “But as their business took off, the brothers grew increasingly frustrated with each other and in the mid-1940s Rudolf set up a rival shop, while Adi remained in the initial plant and renamed the company Adidas. In 1948, Rudolf registered his new company, Puma.”

The story is set against the rise of Nazi Germany through the 1936 Berlin Olympics and World War II. [Source: SGB Media]

There is soooo much about this story to point out that I just hope it won’t be a(nother) war movie. This feud is actually at the epicenter of the inception of two global brands that still exist 7 decades later. I do hope this movie will showcase how the Dassler brothers focused on working with athletes and how these guys were pioneers of providing performance gear to athletes to improve their game. 

Anyways, I can’t wait! You?